Friday, April 3, 2020

Overload Sim Pressure vs. Empty

Florida is in a 3-3 personnel against empty on 3rd & 8.

The Rush:
Sam is blitzing off the field side edge. The Nose stems pre-snap to the field A gap. The stem of the Nose along with the mugged up LB creates an aligned overload at the LOS pre-snap. Post snap the rush is a twist game by the End and Nose with the weak side end as contain. 

The Coverage:
Split field coverage using quarters coverage concepts. The strong side is a quarters concept with the corner man on #1. The Will bluffs edge pressure but drops out to play a quarters concept to the weak side.

Nice sim from Florida. The final look is a four man pass rush with an interior twist game back stopped with split field quarters coverage. Good stuff from Todd Grantham and the Gators. 

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