Friday, April 3, 2020

Unbalanced Down Scheme in the Wing-T Offense

Here is a wing-t down play using G scheme blocking and a belly step by the FB.

The formation starts as a guard over unbalanced with formation into the sideline (FSL).

Initially the defense is working to sort out alignments against an unbalanced formation with 4x0 into the short side of the field and a extra OL 3 man surface to the field. Next the OL shifts.

The shift puts the OL back to their normal spacing. The new formation is an unbalanced 4 man surface.

Play side the B back arcs to the play side ILB.

The TE/OT work a double down on the DT and the G scheme guard pulls and logs the DE.

The back side is zone and reaching. The Center climbs immediately to the back side ILB.

Really nice design to create alignment issues for the defense with unbalanced, FSL, and a full line shift. Also good execution blocking and running a base wing-t run scheme. Good stuff from Lenoir-Rhyne and former OC Bob Bodine (currently Mercer OC).

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