Monday, April 13, 2020

2 Man Sim Pressure

Washington is in a 7 DB personnel with odd front spacing.

The Rush:
4i - B gap pop
Nose - weak A
5 - Contain
Mike - Strong A

The Coverage:
2 man. The extra DB (X) shows as the field edge rusher and runs out to a trail man technique. 

The coverage presentation is a weak side pressure from the Mike&Dime capped by the weak side safety and a safety in the post. The coverage rotates late to a 2 deep shell. 

The Mike's pressure technique is a major reason for the pressure being effective. The path attacks to the heel line of the DL selling a weak side A gap rush before bending to the strong side A gap. The Mike's initial path sells a weak side rush. The timing of the Mike does a good job of getting the Center committed to the Nose before the Mike bends it back. 

The pass pro is manipulated by the defensive alignment. The OT sets to the X while the OG sets the 4i. The OT does an excellent job redirecting his set back inside when the X drops out which allows the pick up of the the expanding 4i. The OG also does a good job redirecting back inside but cannot make the pick up. Two factors that affect the OG:

1. The 4i alignment forces the OG to set wide making the redirect back inside further from the Mike
2. The Mike's pressure path stays tight to the midline which keeps the OG from getting back to the block

Good design and execution from the Huskies and former DC now HC Jimmy Lake. 


  1. Would a 2 x 2 set by the offense, switch the side that the the defense is coming from?

  2. Possibly. Also possible the pressure was set based on the RB's alignment.