Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Buck Sweep Reverse

Auburn is running a reverse built off the wing-t staple play, buck sweep. The Tigers are in 20 personnel with a FB on the hip/sniffer alignment. The formation also uses compressed WR splits on formation into the sideline (FSL). The reduced splits allow for the reverse to get into the backfield quickly. The FSL forces the defense to align to the trips formation into short side of the field and allows the reverse to run back to all the space to the field.

LT does a good job veer releasing the DE then working back out to get into position to lead block. The LT doesn't make a block here but the technique to get into position is well coached. 

LG does a nice job pulling then squaring up to pick up leakage through the LOS

C uses a nice technique of letting the Nose play to the strong side then collecting him. Here the Nose slants which makes the collection very easy for the Center. The Nose is walled out of any opportunity for disruption into the reverse.

The RG, RT, F all do a good job of selling buck sweep and preventing any penetration to disrupt the reverse

The blocks of the receivers and QB are what makes this run go for an explosion play. The QB hands the buck sweep then seals the DE chasing the play from behind.

The WR's both go to spots and set up like wall blocks on a punt return. Both blocks are in great position to wall the pursuit.

Well designed reverse off of the buck sweep and even better coaching/execution by Auburn. Good stuff from Gus Malzahn. 

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