Sunday, April 5, 2020

Split Field Coverage Sim Pressure

Sim pressure on 3rd & 6 from a 3-3-5 defense spaced like an under front 4-2-5.

The initial presentation is a 1 high post defense rotated strong.

The presence of the Sam walked up on the LOS with the FS showing down gets the OL pointing out the pressure threat from the field. The protection is half slide to the RB's alignment with the RB cross protecting to the field. 

When the QB gets into his cadence the defense comes out of the disguise.

The Sam walks off the LOS to the apex alignment while the Mike walks up to pressure the open B gap. The FS replaces the Mike while the SS pops the top and WS adjusts weak to create a 2 high coverage alignment.

The Rush:
Mike blitzes as contain through the widest part of B gap working a YOU game with the End. The End is up an under off the penetrating Mike. The Nose and Tackle are looping weak to balance the rush.

The Coverage:
Quarter Quarter Half. The most interesting part of the concept is the usage of the FS as the 3 dropper. By using a DB in this role the defense can expect the 3 player to carry the #3 receiver with no help. The #3 being accounted for vertical by the FS allows the field side to play a 3 over 2 quarters concept against #1 and #2 receivers and the weak side to play a cloud half concept. 

Nice split field coverage sim concept and execution from San Diego St. This is a creative way to get a traditional 4 down pass rush stunt from a sim pressure.  Always good stuff from Zach Arnett and Rocky Long.

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