Saturday, March 14, 2020

America's Blitz Variation

This pressure variation has been discussed several times on Blitzology. I've received several questions after I talked about it in the pop up clinic I did with Coach Vass over the summer. Here is some more info.

The Rush:
The OLB is rushing off the edge. The Nose and DT way are playing 2 gap technique and working away from the pressure vs. the pass. The ILB is the read player. If the A gap is open he will run through. If the A gap is closed the ILB will convert to the C gap. The ILB will read out vs. a pulling guard.

The Coverage:
3 Under 3 Deep Firezone 

We like this concept for several reasons:
It lets a LB do the athletic redirection portion of the blitz. Not every DL is great on a long stick technique.

It is an easy pattern to install early because the pattern for the DL is not complex

It can be used in multiple situations to pressure run or pass

A Gap Open

On a zone blocking scheme the Center wants to provide some amount of body presence for the Nose. With the Guard zone blocking the B gap DT. This creates the A gap run through for the ILB and what we feel should be an athletic mismatch with the Center.

A Gap Closed 

Here the concept is attacking an inverted zone read. The A is closed so the ILB converts to the C gap rush. This creates the two off the edge concept we want in this situation. 

Inside Puller

The ILB reads out when the guard pulls. This allows us to gain a body against gap schemes.

Outside Pull

Again the ILB sees a pull from the guard. This time it's an outside pull on a buck sweep/pin & pull scheme. The ILB reads out and plays outside to gain a hat at the point of attack.

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