Sunday, March 22, 2020

Split Back Trap

Here is a nice example of a trap in a split back option offense.

The formation is an unbalanced 3x0 2 back set with a motion back to 2x1

The QB opens and meshes with the B back. The presentation to the defense is a triple option strong. The defense here is in a 3-4 personnel bumped into a 3-3 stack spacing. The trap is on the weak side 4i DE.

The success of the trap comes from a few factors:

1. The trapping guard and B back are on the DE fast. Too fast for the DE to effectively attack the block, shed the block, and make the tackle.

2. The option presentation and full carry out of the option fake from the QB/A back help force hesitation in the strong side of the defense

3. The wide split by the OT helps prevent the DE from chasing to tackle the B back from the backside

4. The B back goes a great job keeping his path tight and his shoulders square to hit the run inside the guard's trap block while being able to immediately burst to gain yards

5. The trap hits quick which affects the ability of either safety to fold in to make the tackle. The ball is running too quickly down the MOF for the angles of the safeties helping create the explosiveness of the run.

Really good scheme and execution from Carson-Newman.

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