Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tite Front vs. Zone Read

First the coverage is a one high post defense. The beauty of the concept is the three wide outs are all covered down. The alignment discourages screens, quick game, or RPO concepts to the trips side. The OLB weak is walked out to reroute the X receiver creating a 2 over 1 effect and discouraging any isolation pass concepts to the X.

In the box the DL does an excellent job staying square. The left DE strikes the OT and has a great pad level to handle the block from the adjacent OG. The DE controls any movement and works an escape to maintain control of the B gap.

The Nose is playing the front side A gap on the zone. By controlling the front side gap the run is forced to wind back.

The wind back runs into the right DE. The DE sees the OT and feels the OG. When the DE feels the OG zone away the DE works an escape while staying square to win in the B gap.

Both ILB are patient and fall back with the RB when the zone run winds back. The front forces the ball to wind back to a difficult to block 4i and two fall LB's.

Excellent scheme and execution from Boise St. Really well coached defense from Co-Coordinators Jeff Schmedding and Spencer Danielson. 

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