Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Shifting to Unbalanced to Attack with Jet Sweep in the Wing-T

Here is a shift from a 2x2 formation to a Guard over unbalanced.

The initial formation:

After the shift:

The shift does a few things:

1. It quickly and efficiently changes the 4 man surface from the wing side to the open side. The formation starts balanced and quickly becomes unbalanced.

2. The line's shift helps hide the FB's shift to the offset position. The post-shift offset alignment helps the FB get to his work as a lead blocker on the jet.

3. The quick change hides the formational intention. Unbalanced with an offset FB might tip the offense's hand alerting the defense the jet sweep is coming. Here the shift followed immediately by the jet motion happens so quickly the defense is stressed to make the ID of the formation and jet sweep as the ball is snapped. 

Nice usage of this shift by Lenoir-Rhyne and former offensive coordinator Bob Bodine (now the offensive coordinator at Mercer University)

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