Sunday, June 21, 2020

Weak Side Overload Pressure

Weak side overload pressure from TCU. The Horned Frogs are in a  4-2-5 personnel spaced in a over front with 2 high safety alignment pre-snap.

The Rush:
6 man rush with both the Will and Corner in the pressure. The DL is slanting away from the pressure.

The Coverage:
Strong side 3 over 2 quarters with man away. The WS replaces the blitzing corner on the X receivers. The pressure is designed to eat the RB.

Pre-snap the blitzing corner does a good job showing bail and hiding his intentions. The WS also does a good job holding the look. The WS doesn't tip the Corners pressure and aligns in a location that would allow him to potentially poach the #3. The pre-snap sight picture for the QB is unclear. 

The protection is half slide to the field/strong side forcing the OG to set to the Nose. Once the guard sets inside the ILB pressuring in the B gap is a very difficult pickup. The OG has to redirect to pick up a full speed blitzer. The RB sets wide to the Corner leaving the OG 1on1 with the Will. 

If the OL went full slide the OT could have set to the Will. This would have left the DE and Corner 2on1 overloading the RB.

Nice pressure design to overload the weak side from Chad Glasgow. 

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