Thursday, June 4, 2020

Radar Defense Part 3

Part 3 of the series on radar defense will focus on the block reactions for the off the LOS defender. 

For these examples the 1 player in Defense 1 will be featured however the off the LOS technique can be played by the 1,2, or 3 player depending on call or multiple numbers in the combination calls. The 1 player in Defense 1 is keying both the Guard and Center.


If either the Center or Guard attempts to block the 1, the 1 player will block shed playing immediately across the block filling any open seam that shows while pursuing laterally.

Both the Center and Guard may be down blocking in the same direction, the reaction for the 1 player does not change.

Against a down and pull scheme the 1 player will react to the down and cross the down block. 


If the Center and Guard attempt to go flat and lateral to cutoff/reach the 1 player, the 1 player will play lateral down the LOS maintaining on the block.

The 1 player's reaction is the same if the block is in combination with a pull by either the Center or Guard.

The 1 player must be able to identify he angles of the Center/Guard block. The Cutoff/Reach is flat and lateral while the Down blocks are at an angle and coming toward him.


When the Center and Guard block opposite one another the gap is open and the 1 player will fill. The 1 player will position himself in the inside area of the gap at the LOS ready for the blocking threat.

On the fill read the 1 player may get at a fold or trap puller from the inside. 

The 1 player may also get the fold or wham block with a trapping puller coming from the outside. 

The 1 player may also get a lead/isolation block from a back. 

When the 1 player positions himself at the LOS on a fill read he must anticipate the blocks in the order they will arrive. The fold schemes with pullers from the inside or outside from adjacent OL will arrive first, next the longer trap blocks coming from puller aligned further away,and lastly the lead block of a back.

Pass Set:

The 1 player will drop into coverage when the Center/Guard pass set. It is possible the off the LOS player may have pass rush responsibility on the pass set.

Those are the reads for the off the LOS players. In the next article the on the LOS and off the LOS techniques will come together for run fits against a full offense run blocking scheme.

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