Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Radar Defense Part 2

In part 2 of the series on the radar defense the focus is on the block reactions for the on the LOS players.

For these examples the 2 player in Defense 1 will be featured however the LOS technique can be played by the 1,2, or 3 player depending on call. The 2 player in Defense 1 is keying the OT.

Down Block:

When the OT blocks down the 2 player will block shed playing immediately across the block filling any open seam that shows while pursuing laterally.

The reaction is the same against a down and pull scheme.

Additionally if the down block is part of a double the 2 player will turn the double team into a single block and play immediately outside the OT's down block. Double teams are very difficult against this defensive alignment with all defenders near the LOS and in every gap.


When the OT key blocks at an angle outside the 2's eyes and footwork must go back inside. The 2 player must be ready for a number of outcomes when reacting back inside.

The 2 must be ready for a lead/isolation block from a RB. 

When the 2 reacts inside he must also be ready for a trap block. 

Against a trap scheme when the OT punches the 2 and releases the 2 will use the same eyes inside step inside reaction.

The 2 will be at a disadvantage against a fold or wham scheme with the trap block coming from the outside.

Against a fan/fan scheme the 2 will react inside when the OT fans. With the OG also fanning the 2 will block shed and play immediately laterally across the OG's block. This technique is the same as the reaction to the OT's down block only working inside instead of outside. 

The book doesn't specify being read at the 2 position when the OT fans in an option scheme. Based on the rest of the reactions I believe the 2 would play hard inside and tackle any dive threat.


If the OT attempts to go flat and lateral to cut the 2 player off on play away, the 2 player will play lateral down the LOS maintaining inside leverage on the cutoff block.

When the OT is flat and lateral outside the 2 player must be flat and lateral to maintain leverage on the OG. The 2 player must be able to ID the angle difference in a Fan and Reach.


When the OT pulls inside  (long pull or a fold) the 2 player reacts flat and lateral inside. The 2 will block shed and play across the block of an interior OL blocking back on him.

Against an outside pull the 2 will play outside. The outside movement should help the 2 player avoid a reach from the OG. The 2 can either get in the pullers hip pocket and chase behind the LOS or play laterally based on the body position he ends up in in relationship to the puller and LOS.

Pass Set:

When the OT pass sets the 2 will pass rush. It is possible in some defenses the LOS player may have a pass drop responsibility when the key pass sets.  

Those are the block reactions for the on the LOS player. The next article will feature the off the LOS player reads. 

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