Thursday, June 4, 2020

Split Back Load Option vs. Odd Front Defenses

Here is Carson-Newman running split back load option vs. two odd front structures.

The defense is in a 3-4 with the LB's bumped to crate a 3-3 spacing. 

The fit here is the OLB (9 Technique Sam) is slow playing the QB with the stack LB (Mike) the crack and load blocking scheme gets both the force safety and the corner blocked. The stack spacing makes the angle for the TE to get to the Stack LB difficult. The TE's angle ends up cutting off the middle LB in the stack.The QB does a good job of attacking the OLB and pitching late. The QB's attack of the edge helps hold the OLB and Stack LB. 

The next look the spacing is a 3-4 with a coverage rolled strong to a 1 high.

The OLB tries to slow play and widen to play the inside of the pitch late with the safety playing force outside the pitch. The TE now has an angle on the ILB. The QB does a great job of pressing the edge. As the OLB widens the QB keeps. The TE seals the ILB and the load block of the A back handles the safety. Really nice path of hash-numbers-sideline by the QB to take the most efficient angle. 

Good stuff running split back load option from the Eagles.

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