Friday, June 19, 2020

QB Power Option

Navy using a interesting QB power variation. 

The formation is a nub trips spacing. The A back goes in rev motion returning to get into pitch phase. The QB flashes the F before the F becomes the lead blocker on QB power. The two receivers are 2 for 2 against the Safety and Corner blocking the perimeter. 

The playside DE is unblocked and takes himself out of the play going flat down the LOS. The pulling OG does a great job bypassing the DE to block the scraping ILB. The edge is well blocked also. The #2 receiver ID's the corner triggering to pressure and cuts him down while the #1 works to the safety. 

The pitch phase helps to hold a force/pitch player stretching the defense horizontally to create space for the QB to hit the hash-numbers-sideline course off the edge. In this case the pitch phase turns into a lead blocker once the QB keeps.

If the DE attacks the QB, the ball can be pitched to the A back. The numbers on the edge are there to block the other threats. If the DE plays the QB the ball is out on the edge fast.

The interesting part if the play is an option is if the DE crashes down getting the spill of the puller the play is still viable. The QB could potentially outrun the scraping backside ILB or pitch once pressured getting the ball out on the edge.

Really nice play designed from Navy's Offensive Coordinator Ivin Jasper.

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