Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Using Edge Pressure to Attack Jet Sweep

Here is another blitz automatic concept. Previously the concept of blitzing against a specific formation was outlined. This pressure is not about the formation instead it is triggered by motion. When the offense goes in jet motion the pressure is activated. 

The Rush:
OLB off the edge to the motion

The Coverage:
4 under 3 deep cover 3 with rotation to the motion

The call was an odd front quarters concept with no motion. When the motion goes the defense automatically triggers into the OLB pressure. This concept was designed because the quarters was the call we liked vs. no motion but the jet sweep with the RB lead blocking was potentially a problem play. 

Against quarters with an apex OLB The OL can work up to the ILB. The #2 receiver can release to block the Safety which holds the safety from running the alley. The Safety only knows what he knows and initially the concept looks like a route which slows down his run fit plus he must shed the block. The RB can lead for the OLB. 
Against quarters with the defenders bumping vs. the jet motion the OL has a harder time blocking the ILB. The RB can lead for the ILB, the #2 receiver can work to block the OLB. The block by #2 should trigger the quarter safety into the alley quickly. It is still a 10-12 yard deep safety vs. a jet sweep running full speed. This can be a tough play and could be a rough match up depending on the guy running the jet vs. the guy playing safety.

Are we still going to play quarters vs. jet, absolutely. We do want to have answers if the jet becomes a problem play. This type of call also serves as a deterrent. If we have this on and the offense takes a TFL, will they dial up jet sweep again?. 

The blitz automatic allows the defense to set a hard edge on the jet sweep with the pressure and rotate the safety down into coverage to create numbers to the point of attack. 

Just another example of getting the blitz when and where it is wanted. 

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