Saturday, January 4, 2020

Mesh Charge vs. Zone Read

Kansas State is in a 4-2-5 personnel spaced in a even front with 2 technique DT's playing a weak side rotation Cover 3 match.

To the side of the RB the DE executes a mesh charge. 

The technique doesn't stay on the LOS it attacks deep into the backfield angling at the point of the hand off. In this version the DE turns his shoulders to present a keep read for the QB. The DE's angle looks like he is going to tackle the dive. The DE attacks to the near hip of the RB then climbs to the inside hip of the QB. The angle of the DE should force the QB to keep the ball.

This version of the mesh charge is effective because it assigns two defenders to the QB keep. The LB plays over the top for the outside of the QB on the keep. The DE mesh charges then climbs to the QB's inside. Assigning and inside and outside defender creates a vise on the QB who should be forced to keep the ball. 

The aggressive match technique by the coverage to the side of the RB deters the RPO element of the play.

Good execution from the Wildcats and good scheme plan vs. zone read by Scottie Hazelton.

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