Sunday, January 5, 2020

Edge Pressure to Attack Zone Run

Edge Pressure coming from away from the RB and from the single WR side in a 3x1 bunch formation.

Texas is in a 3-4 personnel odd front however the roll down safety makes the pre-snap spacing look like a 4-4

The Rush:
DL slanting away from the pressure bringing two off the edge opposite the RB. The DE is down to the A gap with the OLB crossing the face of the OT zone blocking out. The Safety is off the edge.

The Coverage:
3 Under 3 Deep Firezone

The zone blocking cannot account for the overhang down safety. The offense has 5 OL and the TE in the bunch to block the 3 DL, 2 ILBs, and the pressure OLB that is 6 vs. 6. There is no blocker to account for the 7th defender pressuring off the edge. End result is a TFL.

Nice usage of edge pressure from Texas and former defensive coordinator Todd Orlando.

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