Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blitz of the Week #4

This week's Blitz of the Week comes from the 2003 Buffalo Bills Playbook which can be found here in the 4-3 section. This week's blitz is Swim Tilt Fire Zone. The pressure is run from a front featuring both defensive tackles in head up 2 techniques.
The blitz features the Sam & Mike overload blitzing the strong side A & B Gaps.

  • Strong DE - C gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Strong DT - Opposite A gap
  • Weak DT - B gap vs. Run, 3RH drop vs. Pass
  • Weak DE - C gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Sam - Blitz B gap
  • Mike - Blitz A, must clear for DT
  • SS & Will - Seams
  • FS - Middle 1/3
  • Corners - Fire Zone 1/3

This type of pressure can be very effective by creating a difficult exchange for the Guard and Center as they attempt to pass off the twisting DT and blitzing Mike linebacker.


  1. usually the defensive tackle goes up the b gap instead of pulling to the opposite a

    1. I just added the explanation page from the playbook to the post. The CP for the Tackle to the Call

      Nail to far "A" Gap