Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attacking 1/2 slide protection Part 2

Previously I have posted on understanding 1/2 slide protection which can be seen here as well as utilizing the placement of a 3 technique to manipulate where the offense slides here. In this post I want to focus on utilizing a bull rushing defensive linemen and blitz to attack the slide side. Here is an example of 1/2 slide vs. a 5 man edge blitz.
In this example the sliding OL can pick up the blitz without problem on paper. The success of the blitz is completely dependent upon one of the rushers beating their opponent 1 on 1. And if the design of the blitz was to isolate a specific blocker this is a good blitz. Unfortunately in some games the 1 on 1 match ups favor the offense. That is were a bull rush defensive lineman can be helpful.

The difference in this pressure and the first example is the RT cannot Fan to the edge blitzer because the DE is bull rushing him and not going inside to the RG's B gap. The edge blitzer should start near the LOS to get a flat angle of attack. The RG could potentially pick the blitz up if he is athletic enough to pass off the DT, check the DE, and kick set back to the full speed edge blitzer. I have found the majority of offensive linemen we face are unable to do this.  This blitz is featured in the TCU Playbook as Lion.

Another bull rush strategy utilizes an interior DT.
In this variation the Nose aligns in a G and is the man responsibility of the LG who should chase on the hard inside move. The DT aligns in a heavy 3 technique just wider than a head up 2 and bull rushes the RG then loops weak. The front side ILB (the OLB could be used instead) will have a run through as the RG is occupied with the DT. The looper should get late pressure if the QB steps up away from the blitz otherwise the blitz should be in his face.

Both pressures are do not give the QB a hot throw read while still getting quick pressure as well as allowing the defense to bring only 5 and use 6 in coverage.

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