Monday, March 8, 2010

Blitz of the Week #2

This blitz is from the Dick Lebeau's 2002 Cincinnati Bengals Playbook.

The blitz is run from the strong side of the formation.
  • Strong DE - inside move to A gap
  • Nose - Opposite A gap
  • DT - B gap vs. the run, contain vs. pass
  • Weak DE - C gap vs. run, Curl-Flat drop vs. Pass
  • Sam - Underneath the 1st blocker
  • SS - walk down and blitz outside, spill vs. run, contain vs. pass
  • M & B - Vertical Hook
  • FS - Hold disguise, Strong side Deep 1/2
  • Strong Corner - Soft Squat
  • Weak Corner - 1/2 Inside Man #1
This is a 4 underneath 2 deep zone pressure concept with the weak side Deep 1/2 player playing a more agressive technique to the single receiver side.

vs. Twins

The coverage 2 Z is a cover 2 concept vs. 2 back sets and is checked to cover "Z" vs. a split #2 weak.  Cover "Z" is a 3 under 3 deep fire zone coverage.

vs. Split #2 weak

The playbook does not diagram the adjustment to a 3 x 1 formation strong but does say the Vertical Hook dropping inside linebackers have the trips adjustment.

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