Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blitz of the Week #3

This week's Blitz of the Week comes from Nick Saban's 2001 LSU Defensive Playbook. The concept is from their Field front with the 3 technique set into the boundary. Field Alaska/Crash Zone is actually 2 fire zone blitzes packaged together and checked at the LOS. The first blitz is Field Alaska Zone.
Alaska is the Mike and Will on an X blitz in the field A & B gaps.
  • Field DE - C gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Field DT - Opposite A
  • Bench DT - B gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Bench DE - C gap vs. Run, Seam vs. Pass
  • Mike - Blitz A gap, Go 1st
  • Will - Blitz Opposite B gap, Go 2nd
  • FS - 3RH
  • SS - Middle 1/3
  • Corners - Fire Zone 1/3 
The second half of the blitz is Field Crash Zone
Crash is the Corner blitzing from the boundary.
  • Field DE - C gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Field DT - A gap
  • Bench DT - Inside Move to A gap
  • Bench DE - Inside Move
  • Sam - Seam
  • Mike - 3RH
  • Will - Seam
  • Boundary Corner - Edge Blitz
  • Field Corner/FS - Fire Zone 1/3
  • SS Middle 1/3
The blitz is checked based on the offensive line surface to the field. If there is a 3 man surface (Guard, Tackle, TE) to the Field the blitz is Alaska if there is a 2 man surface (Guard, Tackle) to the Field the blitz is Crash.

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