Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Jets Sim Pressure

Sim pressure is a phrase showing up all over the place this off-season. There is no universal terminology in football. What is a generic definition? A pressure rushing 4 that is designed to present to the offense a look and feel of 5 or 6+ rushers. The goal is to simulate more pressure/rushers than are actually in the charge. Some teams are grouping all non-traditional 4 man rushes together under the label sim pressures. Others define sims as 4 man pressures with man coverage and creepers as 4 man pressures with zone coverage. Again there is no universal terminology, there are many different labels out there.

Here the Jets are in a 7 DB sub personnel bringing a non-traditional 4 man rush.

The Rush: Dime and End are the edge rusher. To the side of the blitz the DL is working a B gap penetrator DE looping twist game. The effect is a weak side overload.

The Coverage: Strong side is a locked Corner and a triangle coverage over #2/#3. Weak side is a cover 2 concept. This coverage is common in split field safety coverages who play quarters and half concepts.

The walked up rush threats in the field A & B gap create a situation where all the OL are covered. The Center points out the threats and the tackle, guard, and center are working to the 3 threats to the field. The boundary guard and tackle are focused on the 2 DL threats. The guard and tackle try to pass the twist. There was no guarantee of help from the center resulting in the guard and tackle passing the twist as if they have no help. The twist reaction pulls the guard inside to the looping DE and the OT inside to the penetrating DT leaving the free runner from the Dime off the edge.

For the crowd out there talking about sim pressures being the newest trend on defense. This pressure is from the 2012 Jets coached by  Rex Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Sim pressures may be gaining popularity but they aren't new. 

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