Friday, June 21, 2019

Dressing Up Crossfire

On 3rd&8 Army is in a Nickel personnel with OLB body types at DE. 

The Rush:
Even front alignment with two 3 techniques. The Mike and Will are working a crossfire pattern with the Will first and the Mike going second. The pressure side DT is looping to balance the pass rush.

The Coverage:
3 under 3 deep firezone with the Corners pressed. The Rush backer is the 3 dropper and takes the RB through to the flat because the seam players are stretched with the 4 verticals concept. 

Against this play action protection the Center is threatened by the DT on the block back. The Center being occupied allows both ILB's free runs on the cross fire. This pressure design in an interesting way to cover all the OL and manipulate protection.

If Miami Ohio had instead been in a 6 man drop back protection the pressure still creates challenges. The 5 OL being covered forces half slide protection into a man to man concept. All the OL being manned up creates a run through for the Will on the RB. The late looping blitz by the Mike controls the pass set of the Center while still providing the late crossfire pattern. The late crossfire is rough for the manned up OL to pass off. Good stuff using a different alignment to dress up a classic crossfire firezone blitz from former Army and current UNC defensive coordinator Jay Bateman and the Black Knights.  

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