Sunday, June 16, 2019

3 Match Coverage Variation

Why do you need all those coverage calls? This is an example of why we need them.

Here is a stick route variation from 2x2.

The read progression:

Pre-snap the peak outside. The Peak is there for cover zero looks to take a shot against a press corner and also a hole shot vs. a cover 2 look. 

Hot - against any max pressure look the ball can go to the peak or the RB in the flat


#1 read is the RB is the flat. If the overhang gets depth, turns his shoulders inside, or doesn't expand the RB in the flat is getting the ball immediately. 

#2 is the slot working away from the ILB. This route is designed to isolate the LB with a speed WR. If the LB gets depth or isn't attacking the route the ball is going to the WR running away from the LB.

#3 is the dig. If the LB is tight on the in/out route the ball is going to the dig route behind the LB. 

#4 The money ($$$) is for quarters coverage concepts. If the defense is 2 high with a safety who is aggressive on the dig the QB can take a shot to the post one on one vs. the corner.

Against a base odd front 3 match concept the defense can rush an OLB and roll the coverage to replace the pressure.

In this example the field OLB is in the charge with the coverage rolling that direction. The coverage can handle all the routes. The issue is the isolation of the ILB vs. a slot WR. This plays into what the offense is trying to accomplish. They want WR vs. LB which they hope is a mismatch.This is why we carry coverage change ups.

The charge is the same basic concept only now the end is working outside and the ILB is pressuring the B gap. The Safety is now the hook player. The coverage plays out the same only now the speed WR is 1 on 1 with a DB not a LB. 

This is just one example of a coverage change up that is not about changing the coverage concept just about job swaps. 

Having coverage change-ups is necessary to avoid an offense being able to repeatedly isolate a poor match up in coverage. 


  1. Why are the pictures showing up on my iPhone but not on my MacBook?
    Great Article!

  2. No idea. Let me know if it keeps being an issue. - Brian