Monday, December 13, 2010

Fire Zone Coverage

The final interception in the Steelers vs. Bengals game is a great example of the Seam technique that was featured in previous post (here). The Seam technique (match of #2 vertical and out) has also been covered extensively on Brophy's Blog in his series on Nick Saban and the Cover 3 match concept (here). The same coverage techniques utilized in Saban's Rip/Liz are used by the Steelers in their Fire Zone Coverage. The Seam player squeezes #2 (outside in) to the 3RH (Hole) dropper or to the MOF Safety. In the film the corner at the bottom of the screen is playing bump technique which is possible because he is not a true deep 1/3 corner (Reading 2-1) but instead a Tight 1/3 corner (Heavy on #1 unless on a shallow crossing route). The video is available here.

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