Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Off-Season Self Scout

Here are a few thoughts of things to evaluate a defense during the off-season. Be sure to leave comments if there is something you breakdown/evaluate in the off-season that isn't on the list.

Self Scout Checklist
How often did we call each?
  • Front
  • Slant
  • Twist
  • Blitz
  • Coverage
  • Disguise
  • Tags & Adjustments

How effective was each call? (Yardage allowed, TD's, TFL's...etc.)
What percentage of our total calls is each?
Do the percentages reflect our philosophy?
Does what we called mirror our practice scripts? Did we run what we practiced?
Does what we called mirror our installation schedule?
Is our investment of practice time commensurate with our usage of each call? (Consider the call's effectiveness as well)
What changes need to be made to the playbook based on what we called during the season?

When did we make our calls? 
  • Down & Distance
  • Field Zone
  • Hash
  • Vs. Offensive Personnel Group
  • Vs. Formation

What are our tendencies?
Do our tendencies reflect our philosophy?
Were we predictable?

Evaluate all:

  • Explosion Plays
  • TFLs
  • Incomplete Passes
  • Runs of >3 yards
  • QB Pressures (Sacked, Hit, Hurried, Knocked Down)
  • Takeaways
  • Touchdowns
  • Plays that resulted in End of Drive (EOD)
  • Plays that resulted in a 1st down
  • Missed Tackles (MT)
  • Missed Assignments (MA)
  • Mental Errors (ME)
Were there any common causes?
What do we need to emphasize, de-emphasize, or change in our teaching model to account for what we did on the field?

Technique Checklist (List of all techniques utilized by a position group)

What techniques did each position execute well/poorly?
How many times did we practice each technique? (Compare technique checklist with practice plans)
What drills did we do for each technique? (Compare technique checklist with practice plans)
In what ways did what we practice effect our execution of technique? (Positive & Negative)
How can we teach the technique more effectively?

What did offenses run against us this year?

  • Personnel Groups
  • Formations
  • Runs
  • Routes & Route Combinations
  • Protections
  • Trades, Shifts, and Motions
How can we adjust our spring practice plans to help prepare for what we saw the most or had difficulty with during the last season?

Off-Season scouting report of each team we will face next season


  1. Just in general, we look at plays each game and rate them as "won" or "lost" based on alignment and assignment. Probably built into what you do...we stole idea from another blog somewhere. Easy way to talk D and we do O in a similar way. Gives you quick overall picture of things and you can break it down further from there by formation, field type etc..

  2. When you say won/lost what are the criteria?