Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blitz of the Week #13

Continuing on the themes of overload blitzing and looping edge pressure here are two blitzes from the Baltimore Ravens. Both pressures are from the Raven's Dime personnel package and both utilize a Cover 2 fire zone concept vs. 2x2 formations and a Cover 3 fire zone concept vs. 3x1 formations.

The pressure overloads the B gap with 2 blitzers. The blitz side DT works to the opposite side of the center (A gap to A gap) to balance the pass rush. The coverage behind the blitz is a soft Cover 2 concept. The Dime will have to run out to get to the #2 receiver strong.
Against trips to the blitz side the coverage adjusts to a 3 under 3 deep concept with the safety to the trips inverting.
Vs. trips opposite the blitz the coverage is again a Cover 3 fire zone and again the trips side safety is inverting. The only difference is a change in responsiblilties by the Dime and dropping DE. This pressure is very similar to the overload blitz used by the Rams in a previous post.
The second pressure has the DE loop for interior pressure. The coverage concept is identical to the first blitz.

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  1. This is a nice blitz. I like using the double 3s on passing downs to get one-on-one blocking, this adds another dimension to the front.