Friday, December 2, 2011

Blitz of the Week #18

Haven't posted in a while so here goes. This is a weak side overload blitz the Rams used earlier in the season vs. the Cardinals.
This blitz is run from an odd front dime package.

Strong End - Drop to the 3RH
Nose - Loop to strong contain
Weak End - Contain Rush
Mike - Align on LOS over the Guard, Drop to weak side Seam
Will - Align on LOS over the Guard, Blitz inside across Guard's face, balance the pass rush
FS - Time it up, Blitz inside 1/2 of B Gap, stay inside block of RB
Dime - Blitz outside 1/2 of B Gap
Nickel - Strong Seam
Strong Corner - FZ 1/3 from a off alignment
Weak Corner - FZ 1/3 from a press alignment
FS - Pop out to FZ Middle

Video of this blitz is available here on the NFL website. Steve Spagnuolo is always a good source for innovative blitz concepts. However, this blitz happens to be the exact same pressure used last season against the Cardinals. I wrote about it in an overload blitz post from last December. The 2010 version was used on a 3rd & 6 vs. a bunch formation. The 2011 incarnation was used on 3rd & 9 vs. a traditional trips set. The video is almost identical.


  1. Dangerous for HS? Zone read would go for TD. I drop wE seam, keep M to handle ZR and clean up any mess.

  2. There is no doubt the threat of zone read changes what you can/will call. It is clear to me this pressure is intended for obvious dropback passing situations only.

  3. Hey, great post. I think I noticed a pretty similar blitz by the Ravens against the Patriots from 2010. Overload blitz. 4 rush weak side. 2 drop into coverage on strong side.

    It looks as though the defender covering the slot WR (Welker) is indeed playing the seam; with Ray Lewis dropping back to play the seam on the other side against the TE (Hernandez).

    I uploaded the vid onto You Tube:

  4. Awesome clip and thanks for posting it. That pressure looks like the Ravens are running their read cover 2 coverage behind the pressure.