Friday, May 27, 2011

Blitz of the Week #17

This week's Blitz of the week is a Zone Dog that utilizes a Super Stick concept.

Rush - Super Stick to Opposite A (Super Stick is a long stick to opposite A Gap)
Tackle - Work to Contain Rush
Nose - B Gap
End - Contain Rush
Sam - Show blitz in A Gap
SS&WS - Seam
Mike - 3RH
FS - FZ Middle
Corners - FZ 1/3

It can also be run with the Sam hitting the blitz running.

This pressure has the flexability of the front being set Field or Bench, Strong or Weak, To or Away from a TE/Offset Back if the defense is utilitzing a front that is divorced from the coverage. Such as the case with many 4-2-5 defenses like TCU.
The pressure is also good from a Dime personnel grouping.

This zone dog can be found in Dick Lebeau's 2002 Bengals Playbook on page 268.

This blitz creates an interior pass rush opportunity for an athletic defensive end. The OL has trouble seeing a DL who us working from the edge all the way to the interior.
The Super Stick concept can also be utilized in other 5 man pressures.

This zone dog compliments America's Blitz. The pressure is run from a front with 2 3 techniques.
Rush- Super Stick
Tackle- Hard Penetrate B Gap
Nose - Loop Contain
End - Seam Drop (unless "Hook" call by Mike)
Sam - Blitz A Gap
SS - Edge Blitz
Mike - 3RH (Mike "Hook" call vs. Split #2 weak, play Seam)
FS - Seam
WS - FZ Middle
FS - Seam
Corners - FZ 1/3


  1. Good to see your back, the labeau stuff is great would love to see your take on some of the coverages such as 2 wild

  2. Great blog! What is R's assignment against run action? Especially against outside run to his side I can see some issues

  3. Morten,
    This pressure is designed for obvious pass situations where it can be good vs. 5 step and draw. I think if I was teaching it I would tell the R to play normal technique vs. a run block (base, reach, down...) and to loop to the A gap vs a pass set by the OT. For the DT I would tell him play run blocks like normal and work to contain vs. a pass set by the guard.

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