Monday, February 7, 2011

Blitz of the Week #16

This week's Blitz of the Week was submitted by Blitzology reader Anthony White. Anthony shot me an e-mail with an overview of the blitz and a video clip. The pressure is a strong side overload blitz with Fire Zone coverage behind it that was run by the Baltimore Ravens against the Carolina Panthers earlier this season.

The Ravens bring 4 rushers from the strong side to generate pressure.
  • Nose - Jab and loop for contain
  • End - Contain Rush
  • RILB - Go 1st,Blitz A to A (Balance the Rush)
  • LILB - Go 2nd to let the RILB clear, Blitz Opposite B Gap (Inside 1/2 of Gap)
  • Nickel - Blitz B Gap (Outside 1/2 of Gap)
  • Rush LB - Bail out, 3RH player
  • Dime & Invert Safety -Seam
  • Corners - Fire Zone 1/3
  • Deep Safety - Fire Zone Middle

The video of this blitz is available here. Click OK and the video will start.

Note the outside-in Seam technique of the inverting safety to the blitz (#26) and how he squeezes the inside route by the #2 receiver to the 3RH player (#56).

Excellent find Anthony and thanks for the e-mail.

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