Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 Defensive Lineman Pressure Package

I have been drawing in the dirt some of the possibilities of using a 1 DL front.
You can bring a field pressure that looks and feels like an overload pressure but is still a 4 man rush with a 4 under 3 deep coverage behind it. The benefit of this pressure is the Nickel should get a free run. The OT may fan to the outside Rush LB but is unlikely to set all the way out to the Nickel.

This personnel also helps solve a fundamental boundary fire zone problem. In most even front fire zone blitz concepts from the weak side or boundary the contain player to the field is a looping 3 technique defensive tackle. In this pressure the field contain player is a Rush LB aligned where a 9 technique defensive end would be normally. The 3 technique is a stand up Rush LB also and can easily handle a 3RH drop even against a trips formation.
The B Gap overload concept (here from the boundary) that has been featured previously is available from this personnel and with sound field contain.


  1. Blitz, in the first diagram, what would be the aiming point for the outside Rush LB? I would maybe have him run through the OT because I am worried about the Nickel getting pushed out too wide. I like the concept, I have heard that Rex Ryan likes to bring 4 with an overload like this.

  2. Rex Ryan definitely runs this concept. The outside Rush LB is a C gap rusher but should be able to make an inside move on the OT if the tackle beats him to his speed rush land mark. The inside move should be there because the guard is occupied with the Inside Rush LB. The OG pre-snap should see the 2 walked up Rush LB’s aligned outside and be thinking that he will have one of the two when he comes inside. Therefore the OG should be occupied with the Inside Rush LB and the OT should stay with the Outside Rush LB on his inside move. With both the OG and OT staying inside the Nickel should have a good path. If the OT tries to let the Outside Rush LB go (passing him to the OG) and set out to the Nickel, he runs the risk of passing the Outside Rusher to no one. I like it because we are going to bring overload pressure from the field that is going to look and feel similar to this pressure. Now we can complement our overload with a 4 man rush and hopefully force a quick throw into 4 under zone coverage.

  3. Blitz, how concerned would you be about the ability of the NT to be able to get to a point of contain in the first diagram?

  4. What physical traits are you looking for in all those R's? Thanks.

  5. Anonymous,
    I am worried about the Nose getting to contain. But my hope is that the Edge pressure is in the QB's face almost immediately. Also I am hoping the QB tries to get the ball out of his hand quickly when he sees the 2 off the edge pressure. Finally, with the pressure coming from the field the QB would be flushed into the boundary which should limit his escape options.

  6. Coach Holland, I was thinking those R's (Rush Linebackers) would be either Inside linebacker types or 3-4 Outside linebacker types. A player who is long and physical enough to pass rush against an OL and athletic enough to execute an underneath zone drop. From watching teams that run these concepts the Rush LB also need to be comfortable playing from a 2 point stance.