Monday, May 10, 2010

Blitz of the Week #8

This week's Blitz of Week is from Dick Lebeau's 2002 Cincinnati Bengal's playbook available here.
The front is set "Open" or opposite the TE. The 3 technique DT is opposite the TE and the defense is in an Under or Eagle alignment.
  • Open DE - Loop to A gap. Go 2nd.
  • DT - B gap penetration. Must get a great take off
  • Nose - A gap
  • Closed End - C gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Will - Adjust alignment pre-snap. Edge Blitz
  • Mike - 3RH
  • FS -Seam
  • Sam -Seam
  • SS - Fire Zone Middle
  • Corners - Fire Zone 1/3

This blitz allows for weak side pressure and can create problems for the OL to exchange the twist by the DE and DT. Against a BOB scheme if the Will LB has been declared the "Mike" by the offense the pressure falls on the Center to give initial help on the Nose and come off late on the Open DE that is looping to the A gap.
If the Mike LB or Sam LB was declared the "Mike" by offense the pressure is on the open OT and open OG to exchange the twist with the OT taking the hard charging DT and the OG taking the inside looping DE. The edge blitzer must be ignored by the OT and left for the RB to pick up.

In both situations the offense has to be disciplined to pick up the pressure which requires practice time.

This pressure is also effective vs. draw.
The looping DE is normally accounted for by the hi-wall block of the OT. In this example of lead draw the Center needs to come off the Nose and block the looper. The DE is difficult for the Center to see and therefore difficult to block.
A special thanks to Coach Hoover who sent this blitz my way. Be sure to check out Coach Hoover's site here for a wealth of football knowledge.


  1. Coach, Thank you for your site..Today was the first day I took a real good look at your site..I like the information...Might a make a suggestion? If you look at Brophy's site, he tags his posts so they are easier to find later on...Perhaps some tags for you could include..cover 3 zone blitz..cover two zone blitz...blitzes from eagle....attacking schemes..etc

  2. Noted and adjusted. Thanks for the feedback. I really enjoyed your book by the way.