Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Attacking Big on Big Protection Part 1

The previous post (available here) discusses understanding what is BOB protection? The next challenge is how to attack this protection scheme? The first step in attacking BOB is to establish who the offense is declaring "Mike". We use film study to answer these questions.
  • Where are the uncovered offensive linemen stepping/looking?
  • Does anyone on the offensive line or the QB point out a linebacker pre-snap?
  • Where is the back stepping/looking?
We build our game plan around who we think the offense will declare "Mike". Due to the fact offensive coordinators also game plan, we must have a plan for the offense declaring a different linebacker as "Mike" during the game. We ask our players on the field to listen to who is being called "Mike" and to report that information to the coaches between series. We prepare a primary blitz plan for what we expect based on film. For example we expect the defensive position of Mike to be declared the "Mike" we will plan accordingly. We will also have a section of the call sheet labeled SAM as "MIKE" and WILL as "MIKE" to be ready in the event the offense is adjusting their protection.