Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sooner Pressure Part 3

This post will cover the Sooner's Crossfire blitz. Crossfire can be run from the Eagle front (Under) or from Field (front set to the field). The front is also a G with the Nose aligned in a 2i on the guard.
Crossfire is an interior X blitz by the Mike and Will.
  • Call Side End - C gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Nose - Align in 2i, Rip across the guard's face to the B gap
  • Tackle - B gap vs. Run, Contain vs. Pass
  • Away End - C gap vs. Run, Seam Drop
  • Sam - Seam Drop
  • Mike - Blitz opposite A gap, Go 1st
  • Will - Blitz opposite A gap, Go 2nd, let Mike clear
  • FS - Enter the box and replace LB. 3RH Drop
  • SS - Deep Middle 1/3
  • Corners - Deep 1/3
When the front is Eagle the Sam is aligned to the TE. Versus a twins formation with the backside closed the Sooners will utilize a corners over to prevent the end from dropping off of a split #2 receiver.

The Corner who comes over is the seam dropper to the twins side and the End takes the 3RH drop.

Against a 2x2 formation the Safeties will make the adjustments.

The SS will take the seam drop and the end will take the 3 drop.

The Sooners will also run Cover 5 (4 under 2 deep) with Crossfire.

The Corners play the flats and the Safeties are Deep 1/2 while the Sam and End drop the Hook-Curl.

Vs. Twins the Corner will come over.

The corner that comes over will take the Hook-Curl drop and the End will drop to the hole. With a Crossfire 5 call the Sooners will check the coverage back to 3 vs. all One back sets.

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  1. What I have noticed from studying this blitz, is that the Backer stacked behind the 1/2i technique usually goes first. I think this is because the Center and Guard usually have that 1 tech to Stack Backer. If the Stack behind the 1 goes first, it causes the Center to wheel back, which opens the hole for the second blitzer.

    This is just my guess, but I have seen the Under front teams have the Mike go 1st and the Over front teams have the Will go 1st.