Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coaching Advice

Here are 3 pieces of coaching advice that have had a major impact on my coaching career.

#1 The dirtiest words in coaching are We talked about it. Players don't learn from talking they learn from well designed simple drills and repetition.

#2 What you see on film was either taught or allowed. If you don't like what you see find a way to change it.

#3 Players don't screw up because they want to be failures. The vast majority of failure on the field is failure of understanding. The understanding of alignment, technique, or scheme all must be taught in a meaningful way that can be applied not in theory (on a whiteboard) but in a real life situations (game). There is always another (possibly a more effective) way to coach a technique.

These are 3 principles I have picked up from coaches I have worked for that have impacted my coaching style. If you have a principle about coaching to share be sure to leave a comment. We are in spring ball now and the posts will pick up again as we get to the summer and I have a little more time.

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  1. During films, don't use player out the position so all the players watch.