Friday, December 4, 2020

Broncos Pass Rush

The Broncos have generated pass rush in several ways in 2020. I recently went on the Cover 2 Bronco Podcast with Jeff Essary and Joe Rowles. Check it out the episode here - Cover 2 Bronco. I thought I'd share some film and thoughts of what I've been watching the Denver defense do to get to the QB.  One major factor is Denver's ability to capitalize on hybrid skill set athletes on defense.

Denver has several athletic interior DL who can isolate and attack Guards and Centers in the pass rush. Here the DT hits the Guard with a jab to a quick arm over to win with speed. 

Athleticism inside also allows for the DL to use pass rush games.

Here Denver used an interior pass rush twist to punish over sets with the zero technique Nose the DT on the twist is able to create quick interior pressure.

Having players with hybrid skills and athleticism allows for creativity when building a four man pass rush. 

Denver has joker package here playing 55 Chubb as the joker. A joker concept allows a specific defender to move around making that player a threat to insert into the pass rush in any area. A joker is a wildcard. This example allows the joker to attack a Guard and is paired with a pass rush twist opposite. If the pass protection doesn't honor the joker, the guard is on an island with a great pass rusher.If the pass pro slides to the joker the twist attacks the T/G forcing a difficult exchange. Again having athleticism from interior DL helps make this stunt work.

Denver can also get the ILB's in on the pass rush. Here the Broncos built a 4 man pass rush with 2 OLBs, 1 DT, and 1 ILB. The double pass rush twist helps manufacture opportunities of the OLBs, capitalize on the pass rush abilities of an ILB, and requires a DT who can covert to an edge rusher. 

Capitalizing on hybrid athleticism also means simulated pressure. The ILB inserts in the pass rush while the an Edge drops into coverage. The offense is forced to block 4 rushers with 6 blockers. This also keeps the RB from getting into a route. This pressure again requires athletic interior DL to balance the pass rush and work to contain. 

Denver has several ways to bring 4 while still using 7 players in coverage. Denver also has the ability to rush 5. 

Having 5 immediate rush threats at the LOS creates 5 games of  1 on 1 for the pass rushers. Here that allows an edge rusher with a 2 way go on an isolated OT. Not all pressures are sacks, this is a good example of getting the QB off his spot quickly which alters the timing and throw.

Another example of creating 5 games of  1 on 1 with 5 rushers. The interior rushers are working a twist to create inside pressure. 

Denver also stems around pre snap to create confusion about which 5 are coming and from where. 

Here is another example of combining 5 man pressure with DL twist. The most impressive part is in the coverage. The Safety covering the RB is able to play from depth and vision break to provide help on the crosser while still leveraging the RB.

Denver here presents 6 man pressure with an interior twist game. The B gap rush LB comes out of the rush to eat the RB when the RB attempts to release into a route.

Denver again presents 6 man pressure with a 2 on 1 overload on the RB. The pass rush again eats the RB preventing any type of release. The ILB in the hole is able to vision and break providing coverage help to the Corner in isolation on the X receiver. 

Overall Denver has found some interesting pressure and pressure coverage concepts to get to the QB this season. 

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