Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Todd Bowles Middle Overload Zone Dog

This is a 5 man middle overload zone dog Coach Bowles dialed up when he was the defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals in 2013. The pressure is run from a nickel personnel.

The Rush:
Tackles - Working through B gap to contain
Mike & Will - A gap
SS - Midline

The Coverage:
The coverage is a 3 under 3 deep with both ends dropping into coverage
End - Seam
End - 3RH
*Both Ends are stand up 3-4 OLB players

Nickel - Seam
Corners - Tight 1/3

The pressure overloads the middle of the pass protection.

The expected reaction from the pass protection is for the OG and OT on both sides to fan out to block the DE and DT on either side. The Center has one A gap rushing LB and the RB has the other. 

The DT's working through the B gaps holds the attention of the guards. If the DT's immediately looped outside the OG could possible squeeze the protection back to the middle. The occupation of the OG's creates the 3 (Mike, Will, SS) vs. the 2 (Center & RB) overload inside.

The OT's are left pass setting to no one with both DE's dropping into coverage. It would be very difficult for the OT's to provide any help to the midline.

For the offense to squeeze the protection back inside, many reactions would need to happen very quickly. The Center, Guard, and Tackle would all have to redirect from their initial pass set. This would require all three to identify the DE is dropping. The ID would also force all three to communicate and react in unison to squeeze the protection. They must also must each physically handle the athleticism required to redirect their pass set and make an effective block. All this with full speed rushers coming at them.   

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