Tuesday, May 17, 2016

3-4 Zone Pressure to Attack the Run

Here is a zone dog that is a variation of America's Blitz

The Rush:
End - Long stick to A gap
Nose - Away A gap
End - Away Contain

The three down linemen are exactly like America's Blitz. The difference is path of the 2 rushing linebackers.

Sam - Rush flat off the edge at an angle to replace the heels of the OT. Spill any blocks (Never Kicked)

Mike - Rush from depth to contain. Be ready to adjust path based on how far the long stick End and Sam collapse the edge.

The Coverage:
Corners - Tight 1/3
FS - Rotate to Middle 1/3
SS - Rotate down to Seam
Jack - Seam
Will - 3RH

This pressure concept is good against gap scheme runs like power and counter.

As the TE blocks down on the End, the Sam is able to attack flat down the LOS. The Sam spills the first kick out block. Hopefully the Sam is able to get both the FB and pulling guard. In this case the ball bounces to an unblocked Mike and an unblocked roll down SS.

If the the pulling guard is able to get over the top of the Sam and FB, the Mike and SS are able to create a two on one vs. the puller. The result is a unblocked player with the ball bouncing outside. 

This pressure also has application against option and read plays.

Against power read the Sam is walked up and is being read. The Sam chases flat which should force the ball to be handed off. The Mike is unblocked rushing over the top.

 Against zone read again the Sam's rush path should force a pull read by the QB into the unblocked rushing Mike. 

When the offense uses a 3x1 the linebackers bump and the Mike makes a "Switch" call. The Mike become the 3RH dropper and the Will becomes the contain rusher. The bumped Jack can fit the B gap away from the pressure or drop to the seam. The offense has three blockers for the Corner, SS, and Mike. The offense does not have a blocker for the rushing Will.

Against RPO concepts this pressure can force a run into pressure.

Here the offense is running a stick route and a zone run RPO concept. The Mike is the read. If the Mike fills the B gap against the run the QB will throw the stick. If the Mike covers the stick the offense will hand the zone run.

On the pressure the Mike is free to cover the stick route. By covering the stick the Mike should force a give read. The Jack can fill the B and rushing Sam & Will can attack the zone run blocking.

This pressure concept also has pass rush applications.

Against sprint out  the pressure is effective at creating a two on one vs. the RB. The RB is blocking the first threat off the edge on sprint out protection. The Sam attacks and is free to undercut the RB. If the QB sets up inside the RB's block, the Sam is there to apply pressure. If the Sam forces the QB over the top, the Will is there to apply unblocked contain pressure. The coverage is sound with three droppers to cover the route combination. 

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  1. 3x1 forces a Safety Spin..if you are pressuring?

  2. On this call the safety is always spinning down. A 3x1 causes a switch call to change the inside linebackers.