Friday, March 18, 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers Corner Pressure

This is a creative pseudo dog scheme. I'm using the term dog for a 5 man pass rush. This is a pseudo dog in that it looks and feels like a  5 man but is actually only a 4 man.

The Steelers are in a pass rush personnel. The front has one defensive lineman (End) with is hand on the ground. There are 3 Rush Linebacker types at the line of scrimmage showing pressure. This personnel also uses 2 true linebackers and 5 DB's

The Rush:

2 Outside Rush Backers = Contain Rush
Rush Backer over the center = Jab to occupy the center, Spy the RB for check release
End - Long Stick to the A gap
Corner - Blitz underneath the contain Rush Backer

The result is the Spy player occupies the center in the pass protection. This creates a 3 (End, Rush, Corner) vs. 2 (OT, OG). If the RB steps up to block the Corner and make it 3 for 3 the Spy can add to the rush turning the 4 man pressure into a 5 man dog. 

The Coverage:
The coverage is initially disguised as a 1 high safety coverage.

Corner - Sink, this is a soft cover 2 concept. Play the flat if there is a threat. No flat threat sink.

Nickel - Start in down alignment, pop out to the Deep 1/2

MOF Safety - Start in the MOF, work to the Deep 1/2

Safety - Flat

LB - Vertical Hook (VH)

The vertical hook definition is from a Dick Lebeau playbook. Current Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler was a long time defensive assistant under Coach Lebeau.

Here is the pressure resulting in a sack by the corner against the Cleveland Browns.

For more material on the Pittsburgh Steeler pressure package be sure to check out a very good article from James Light Football.


  1. How well does this work with 3 by 1 to the wide side of the field with high school hash?

    1. Coach,
      I'm throwing a response up in a post right now. Thanks for reading.


    2. The post addressing 3x1 is available here.