Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4-2-5 Quarters Fire Zone Coverage Pressure

Here is a non-traditional four man pressure call. The coverage concept uses quarters versus 2x2 formations and cover 3 concept versus trips.

 The Coverage:

To the call side the FS, SS, & Corner play read cover 2 coverage. (TCU's Blue concept)

To the away side the Mike, WS, & Corner play read cover 2 coverage (TCU's Blue concept)

The DE drops to the Hole. The hole is 10 yards deep directly over the center.

The Rush:

Will - Contain Blitz. Aiming point on the QB's up field shoulder.

End - Long stick to inside rush lane. Two way go on the OG. Aiming point near hip of the QB.

Nose - Cross center's face to opposite inside rush lane.  Aiming point near hip of the QB.

Tackle - Get width through B Gap to contain. Aiming point on the QB's up field shoulder.

If the offense aligns in a 3x1 formation the coverage checks to a four under 3 deep zone coverage.

Against a 3x1 into the boundary the coverage again rotates to a cover 3 concept to the trips.

For the rush if the center sets to the blitz the Nose and End both have 1 on 1 pass rushes with space to operate.

The result is the OG gets width with the DT, which creates space for the Nose. The center is forced to redirect as the Nose crosses his face. The End has a 2 way go on the guard. With the OG setting to DE the most likely rush for the DE is the inside move on the OG. The Nose should create space for the DE's pass rush by crossing the center's face.

If the center sets away from the blitz the End should have a good inside rush versus the OT. The OG is focused on the Nose initially which should create space for the End. The End has to beat the OT 1 on 1 on the inside move. The blitzing Will typically has a 1 on 1 with the RB.

This pressure also naturally allows the defense to bluff pressure with the Mike.

Against both 2x2 and 3x1 formations the Mike can walk up an show outside blitz while still being able to get to his pass drop responsibilities.

Against the run the Will spills all run blocks to the outside. The DT plays the B gap against the run. The DE does not drop versus the run and plays the C Gap. The SS and Mike handle force in the quarters coverage concept versus 2x2.

Against 3x1 formations the Curl Flat defending players handle Force. In this case the FS and the Mike are the force players.

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