Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blitz of the Week #14

This week's Blitz of the Week is a crossfire concept dialed up by Dom Capers of the Green Bay Packers. The traditional crossfire fire zone blitz is in nearly every playbook and is almost as common as the NCAA blitz.

The blitz is a double A gap pressure with the blitzing linebackers crossing. The DE to the 3 tech is dropping out. Video of the Packers running it can be seen here.

The Packers will also use their modified Nickel personnel group to spice up the crossfire concept.

Because the Packers are utilizing 2 Rush Linebackers at the defensive end positions they can drop them both into coverage. With both Rush LB's dropping the Nickel is free to blitz creating confusion for the pass protection and interior pressure from the crossfire blitz. Video can be seen here.

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