Thursday, April 13, 2017

Man Under 2 Deep Pressure

Here is an interesting pressure concept from the Cincinnati Bengals last season. 

The Bengals are in a 3-2-6 Dime personnel.

The Rush:
The DE backs off the LOS pre-snap to a LB depth & alignment.
Mike & End crossfire in the A gaps. Mike is 1st - End is 2nd
DT's - Working B gap to Contain

The Coverage:
Will - Man on the RB
SS - Man on #3 strong
Dime - Man on #1 weak
Corner & Nickel man on #1 & #2 strong
FS and Corner - Deep 1/2

The coverage looks like a 1 high coverage pre-snap but becomes a 2 deep coverage post-snap. A 4 man pass rush that looks and feels like a 6 man pressure helps speed up the read and throw for the QB. Tight aggressive man under 2 deep coverage makes the windows to throw into very small. Coverage disguise + perceived pressure + tight coverage = effective 3rd & 9 call. 

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