Monday, July 20, 2015

Attacking Quarters Coverage with a Zone Run/Post RPO

This concept is a Run Pass Option (RPO) play that combines outside zone blocking with a post route. 

Here the concept is being run from 11 personnel and is attacking the weak side of a 4-2-5 quarters coverage defense. The OL and Y are blocking outside zone (stretch) with even numbers (6 vs 6).
The Defense has the advantage of being +1 as soon as the WS reads the TE is blocking and gets into a run fit. This concept is designed to read the weak safety. The QB will shuffle while meshing with the RB. The QB's vision is on the WS. 

If the QB reads the WS coming downhill into the run game, the QB will pull back and throw the skinny post. The post is leaning his outside shoulder on the corner before breaking the route deep and skinny. The goal is for the WR to win the 1 on 1 against the corner who has no post help. 

If the QB reads the WS not committing downhill to defend the run, the ball is handed off on the outside zone. 

This type of run pass option is safe way to take a shot. The play has a chance to be a homerun post or an efficient run. 


  1. Thats a great play on paper but not sure if a hs qb (or many college) qbs could actually make that read AND complete the post.

    1. It's already being done at the college & high school level. Saying that 14-23 year olds can't make that read says everything about your thinking. Conservative, "3 yards and cloud of dust" type prevents you from evolving with the game. Don't be afraid of what's new.

  2. I agree. I wrote about it because this play is a new and different way offenses are trying to attack defenses. The play is based on Baylor's Poster concept. I don't know all of Baylor's rules and coaching points. The general idea is read the safety and either hand or throw post. What a Baylor QB can do and what most team's QB can do are different.

    I do think there is a lot of space to throw the ball out in front and let the post run to it.

    I also think running this play once or twice is a way to potentially slow down the safety. If the safety is taught don't go 'til you know this play helps create indecision. If a play can improve an offense's ability to run a base play like outside zone, I think they are going to try it.

  3. I think its not a dificult read. But Im not sure if the defense play with the WS in that position VS a TE Set. He needs to play around 5-7 yards of the LOS to make RUN support and plays de curl to flat area in a pass situatio, he needs to hold his position and leverage as long as possible to make dificult the read for the QB. For the other hand, CB plays deep with an inside leverage to play the post. For me as a defense its dificult to stop a RPO with a quick pass like a double slant Or stick concept. If the route its a meddium or long pass the leverage its for the Defense.

  4. For me its more difficult if the ofense run a quick pass route like a double slant or stick concept in a RPO game. More like Oregon does. Because one of the ways to stop a RPO its that the linebakers and safeties mantain his position and leverage as long as possible to dont make an easy read for the QB. And the play makes old and trying to make the play in the box or forcing a penalty for the OL. Thats the reason Because the offense needs to throw the ball quick.