Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4-2-5 Resource Guide

Here are some good resources for coaches interested in 4-2-5 Defense

4-2-5 Articles here on Blitzology

Stuff from:
TCU here and here
Boise State here and here
Baylor here
Villanova here
Willamette here

If you are looking for a history lesson or you hybrid your 4-2-5 into a 4-4 you should definitely check out the old Virginia Tech stuff here and here.


  1. Go Bearcats! The Willamette stuff calls itself a 4-3, but as I learned more about the 4-2-5 school of thought I realized that it's more or less the same. The main difference is that in the WU stuff, the "SS" never goes back to a 2-high look.

    There's also a University of Oregon 2000 playbook floating around the interwebs, maybe even in my scribd account, when Bob Gregory was there and they were incorporating the same D as he had at Willamette and later at Boise and then Cal. You can see a lot of evolution and carry over from those three in particular.

    btw, love your stuff, always a fun read.

  2. Thanks for the 4-2-5 links. Here is the 2000 Oregon Defense:

  3. You da man, Coach Evans!

    What do you think about the 42 Nickel of Barry Alvarez while under Lou Holtz at Notre Dame? And do you see anything bridging that to what we see in the modern manifestations of the 42?

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. The Willamette playbook is a great resource. I have seen more and more teams using the 4-2-5 style coverage package both with and without 4-2-5 personnel. I am a fan of the 3-4 with split field safety coverage. Coach Hoover thanks for linking the Oregon playbook. As for the Alvarez stuff I have been looking it over. The 1988 ND playbook is available on Fast and Furious website. It appears that Alvarez was using mostly a Cover 2, 2 man, & Cover 1 (man free) based coverage package. I would be interest to know who was the first to link the 4-4 Robber coverage package from Virginia Tech with nickel personnel and when that concept transitioned to the half field safety concept.


  5. Willamette's D is a most definitely a 4-2 in disguise. I would be slow to call it a 4-2, though. A significant difference between the two is that a 4-2 employs a complete badass at that off safety position, where Willamette puts more athletic LB's. The position is defined by it's responsibility-not it's title. WU plays a run first type guy at that spot.

  6. Does anyone have anymore information regarding the 4-2-5 basic theories, alignments, etc?

    Thank you